We and our Staff

Iwona - IDC Staff Instructor

Since 2010 Iwona is a professional member of the PADI - # 270390. Since 2016 she is IDCS Instructor. In addition to the basic diving courses she is instructor of 14 PADI specializations. For three seasons she was teaching scuba diving in Kazakhstan, mainly in Russian language. One season she taught in the Polish diving school in Phuket, Thailand.  At Palm Beach Divers Iwona deals with improving sales methods, perfect customer service and control of compliance with PADI standards. She teaches mainly in Polish and Russian, sometimes in English.

Contact - iwona@palmbeachdivers.com

Wlodek - IDC Staff Instructor

Wlodek also is a professional member of the PADI from 2010 - # 270391. Since 2016 he is IDCS Instructor. He loves underwater photography and he has some achievements in this area, hence his favorite specialty is underwater photography. Wlodek also taught scuba diving in Kazakhstan. He is fluent in Polish, English, German and Russian languages and he teaches in all of them. At Palm Beach Divers He is the Managing Director.

Contact - wlodek@palmbeachdivers.com

Max – MSDT

Professional member since 2009. Became instructor in cold Atlantic waters of western Irish coast. Taught also in Red sea, Greece and Thailand. Able to teach 10 specialities. Fluent in Czech and English. Works for PBD since November 2015 as an instructor.

Contact - max@palmbeachdivers.com

Kee - OWSI

Professional member since 2008. Became instructor in 2014. Taught in Thailand. Able to teach 4 specialities. Fluent in Thaiand English. Works for PBD since January 2015 as an instructor.

Contact - kee@palmbeachdivers.com

Karolina - OWSI

PADI professional member since March 2016.
The first graduate of Palm Beach Divers Instructors Academy who has completed a course of DM and PADI instructor with the highest possible grades.
Carolina dives since 2010, also technically.
She teaches in Polish and English.
Often you can meet her in the shop - when there are no courses she is the shop manager.

Contact - karolina@palmbeachdivers.com

Christelle - IDC Staff Instructor

Diving since 2007 and Professional PADI member since 2012 - #317702. Since 2013 she is an IDC Staff Instructor. She has mainly been teaching in Malaysia (5 seasons) and Thailand (4 seasons).  She can teach 5 specialties, her favorite being wreck diving. Fluent in French and English she can teach in both languages. Works for PBD since November 2016 as an Instructor, Sales Director and Shop Manager.

Contact - chris@palmbeachdivers.com

PaweĊ‚ - MSDT
Traveler, recreational and technical diving instructor, cave diver, photographer. Since 2009, a professional member of PADI. Teaches 14 specialty courses. Fluent in Polish, English, Russian and Czech. The adventure of diving began in 2008 in the cold waters of Scotland, than dove and trained in Egypt, Croatia, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and the Canary Islands. Due to the diving experience, in 2012 he participated in "Project 190m - Record Polish women in diving deep" as a supporting diver.