Depth :
3-70 m



Slope reef/Wall

The dive sites Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are the deepest drop-offs in Thailand. They are world-class dive sites and provide some of the most stunning diving in the area.

Price: 4500 plus 600 marine park fee.

The greater depths and currents make these sites suitable for Advanced Open Water Divers or Open Water Divers who want to do a Deep Adventure Dive.

Hin Daeng “Red Rock” and Hin Muang “Purple Rock” are named after the beautifull red and purple corals that cover the pinnacles.

Located 70km south of Koh Lanta, they boast good visibility, unless the waters become extremely plankton rich. It is this plankton that attracts the larger marine life and there is a high chance of seeing Manta Rays and passing Whale Sharks throughout the season.

Many Giant Morays can be seen amongst the cracks and crevices and large Leopard Sharks are often found lying on the sand on the 40 meter ridges.

Lola Our boat

Our big boat LILA is going to Hin Muang and Hin Daeng once per week.