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Koh Haa consists of 6 islands regrouping about 15 different dive sites.

Koh Haa’s scuba diving highlights include The Lagoon, The Cathedral and The Chimney. There are also underwater pinnacles, drop-offs, walls, caverns, inter-connected chambers and swim throughs to explore.

The marine life that can be found at Koh Haa is very rich and varies from a rare Ghost Pipefish measuring only few centimetres, to an Octopus hiding amongst the rocks and crevices. A Hawksbill Turtle is often seen swimming amongst the pristine coral.

One of Koh Haa’s highlights is the series of caverns and swim-throughs. The largest cavern has three chambers and is known as The Cathedral. The first two chambers are connected by a shallow swim through at about 9 metres.

You can find banded sea snakes, lionfish, nudibranches, frogfish, harlquin shrimps and many many others...

Palm Beach Divers big boat is going to Koh Haa 3 times per week.