Ko Lanta

Koh Lanta

Palm Beach Divers is a diving school located in a charming corner of the world: on the tropical island of Koh Lanta. Koh Lanta is one of the largest island in Thailand, located in the absolute south of the country, less than 200 km from the border with Malaysia, on the coast of the Andaman Sea. We are only 7 degrees north from the equator!
The island is diverse in terms of topography and coastline. In the north of the island, the beaches are flat and sandy, wide and safe for children. The further south, the beaches become more rocky and even rocky, cliffs.
All this creates the diverse climate of the island, where parents with children looking for safe places, such as Long Beach, as well as those who love romantic views on rocks or cliffs can find a place just as easily.

Koh Lanta is a diving paradise. It’s a fact. Only from Koh Lanta you can go on a day trip to Koh Haa and HinDeang/HinMueang, undoubted pearls in the crown of the Andaman Sea.
Koh Haa delights not only with its wonderful fairy-tale scenery, underwater architecture creating caves, chimneys, flows, all immersed in soft coral carpets, but also with the richness of marine life – from tiny things like Pipefish, harlequin shrimp, seamoth to giant whale sharks. 
Hin Deang / Hin Mueang are places that may not be as spectacular in terms of landscapes as Koh Haa, but rich in rare corals and visited by Giant Manta rays.

Apart from water sports, there are many other activities waiting for tourists on Koh Lanta. You might choose yoga, Thai boxing, trekking and horse riding. For the less active, there are massage parlors, beauty salons, local craft shops, even a cinema!
It is impossible to get bored on Koh Lanta!

Palm Beach Divers

Palm Beach Divers is not only about diving and snorkeling trips, it is primarily a diving school with traditions since 2005.
Diving education is our mission.
From the beginning of our activity until 2017, we taught to dive in the PADI training system.
Due to the more modern digital learning and teaching methods and tools in the SSI system, in 2017 we decided to redirect our center to this organization.
From that moment on, we felt that we had a real impact on the protection of the environment, not only the marine environment, for example by reducing the consumption of paper and plastic in our center.
Depending on the season, the Palm Beach Divers team consists of 5 to 20 Dive Pro.
The permanent staff consists of the owners, Iwona and Włodek, and other faithful Koh Lanta residents – Wale and Jeep.
The permanent staff is complemented in high season by instructors with extensive professional experience, deep professional knowledge and a lifestyle appropriate to the profession.
Our staff is multinational, multicultural, colorful and multilingual.
You can communicate with us in Thai, English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Russian.
Because we are a training school for Dive Guide, Divemaster, Diving Instructor at PBD Instructor’s Academy, you will often meet students of professional programs, apprentices taking their first steps under the supervision of experienced colleagues, SSI DMI, AIT, IT.
We love to educate new staff, working with new people in the industry often brings creative solutions and a fresh perspective.
We try to learn from each other the best diving practices and work with clients to provide only positive emotions related to the marine environment.
The educational activity of Palm Beach Divers is not only about diving courses at all levels. It is also the educational activity of Lanta Kids Academy addressed to the youngest participants, children aged 5-12.
Here we try to instill respect for the aquatic environment, mainly through play. We teach children to swim, snorkel and dive.
Children are the future of our planet, it is worthwhile for them to feel safe and comfortable on 70% of its surface, and at the same time appreciate and respect the beauty of the underwater world.

Palm Beach Divers
Palm Beach Divers Owners

Our Shop

Palm Beach Divers is the SSI Diamond Diving Center.

It is located on the island of Koh Lanta, Thailand. As you can see on the areal pic below, it is located close to the Long Beach, which is very beautiful, sand only (safety for kids) beach of Lanta Island.

Palm Beach Divers Shop
Palm Beach Divers

Palm Beach Divers is the only Dive Center on Koh Lanta, Thailand with own swimming pool, which allows to conduct courses at the top of comfort and safety.

Palm Beach Divers offers courses of all levels – from Scuba Diver to Instructor.

Our dive Shop is at your disposal, offering a wide range of diving and snorkeling Equipment and Accessories.

Palm Beach Divers Shop
Palm Beach Divers Training Pool

The rental equipment used by our Students and Fellow Divers is maintained regularly and stored in very good conditions as for the tropical climate

Our Boats

Palm Beach Divers exploits a big diving boat:

Lila, 22 m (70 Feet) can accommodate up to 40 divers comfortably. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, fruits and soft drinks are served on board between the dives.

All our divemasters and instructors speak at least two of the following languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech and Thai.

Palm Beach Divers Big Boat
Diving Koh Bida

Palm Beach Divers exploits a big Speedboat:

Sea Moth, 11,5 m (22Feet) can accommodate up to 20 divers comfortably. Breakfast and lunch at the shop, snacks, fruits and soft drinks are served on board between the dives.

Who Are We



Iwona – Assistant Instructor Trainer

PADI IDC Staff Instructor: #270390
SSI AIT: #79180.

Dive Pro since 2010.
In addition to the basic diving courses she is instructor of 16 diving specialties and Dive Pro Courses.
For three seasons she was teaching scuba diving in Kazakhstan, mainly in Russian language. One season she taught in the Polish diving school in Phuket, Thailand.

At Palm Beach Divers Iwona deals with improving sales methods, perfect customer service and control of compliance with standards. She teaches in Polish, Russian and English.test

Contact – iwona@palmbeachdivers.com


Wlodek – Assistant Instructor Trainer

Wlodek also is a professional member of the PADI from 2010 – # 270391. Since 2016 he is IDCS Instructor. In July 2017 he became SSI AIT– # 79181. He loves underwater photography and he has some achievements in this area, hence his favorite specialty is underwater photography. Wlodek also taught scuba diving in Kazakhstan. He is fluent in Polish, English, German and Russian languages and he teaches in all of them. At Palm Beach Divers He is the Managing Director.

Contact – wlodek@palmbeachdivers.com


Mario – Assistant Instructor 

Mario is also a professional member of the SSI from 2023 – # 107751.

An econometrician by education, a photographer, a traveler, and a passionate diver. His superpower is being a father to three active children. He has been diving for over a decade, exploring the underwater world around the globe. In 2023, Mario became a professional SSI diver (107751). Since then, he has been teaching basic SSI programs in both English and Polish.

At Palm Beach Divers He is the Shop Manager.

Contact – mario@palmbeachdivers.com

Silver Lotus Co., Ltd.
47 Moo 3 Saladan, Koh Lanta,
Krabi 81150, Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand

License 34/02403

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Course Prices include

All Courses’ Prices include:

    • SSI Learning Materials
    • SSI online certificate
    • Complete set of rental equipment
    • Transfer from/to the resort
    • breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks on the boat
    • experienced Diving Instructor
    • free Palm Beach Divers T-Shirt 
    • Diving Insurance (only entry level courses)