Iwona - IDC Staff Instructor

Since 2010 Iwona is a professional member of the PADI - # 270390. Since 2016 she is IDCS Instructor.
In July 2017 she became SSI DCSI
 - # 79180.

In addition to the basic diving courses she is instructor of 14 diving specialties. For three seasons she was teaching scuba diving in Kazakhstan, mainly in Russian language. One season she taught in the Polish diving school in Phuket, Thailand.

At Palm Beach Divers Iwona deals with improving sales methods, perfect customer service and control of compliance with standards. She teaches mainly in Polish and Russian, sometimes in English.

Contact - iwona@palmbeachdivers.com

Wlodek - IDC Staff Instructor

Wlodek also is a professional member of the PADI from 2010 - # 270391. Since 2016 he is IDCS Instructor. In July 2017 he became SSI DCSI - # 79181. He loves underwater photography and he has some achievements in this area, hence his favorite specialty is underwater photography. Wlodek also taught scuba diving in Kazakhstan. He is fluent in Polish, English, German and Russian languages and he teaches in all of them. At Palm Beach Divers He is the Managing Director.

Contact - wlodek@palmbeachdivers.com

Ken - DM Instructor

Ken has been working as a professional diver for 6 years. As well as being a dive instructor he is also a qualified scuba technician. Ken enjoys teaching new divers and introducing them to the underwater world.
His big passion under he waves is macro diving, searching for small and weird creatures like nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs.

Outside of the water his hobbies include reading, snowboarding and cooking as well as a love of traveling in general.
Ken can speak (and teach)  English, German and French.

Contact - ken@palmbeachdivers.com

Paweł - MSDT

Traveler, recreational and technical diving instructor, cave diver, photographer. Since 2009, a professional member of PADI. Teaches 14 specialty courses. Fluent in Polish, English, Russian and Czech. The adventure of diving began in 2008 in the cold waters of Scotland, than dove and trained in Egypt, Croatia, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and the Canary Islands. Due to the diving experience, in 2012 he participated in "Project 190m - Record Polish women in diving deep" as a supporting diver.

Wale, SSI Divemaster

He has joined the Palm Beach Divers Team in September 2015 as a driver. He wanted to learn diving and he successfully reached the SSI Divemaster level in July 2017. Ready to go higher in his diving adventure.

Now waiting for the 2017/2018 season to start, he works with customers in the swimming pool and in the ocean gathering experience for the coming high season.

He speaks Thai and English.


Our brand new student and staff member. Originally from Bangkok and settled in Koh Lanta since 2000. He has done his Military training in 2016 at Donmueng BKK.

He can communicate in Thai, English and French.

He joined Palm Beach Divers in July 2017 as an assistant shop manager.

He is already Open Water Diver and ready for the next challenges up to a professional level.

Contact - sam@palmbeachdivers.com

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