Depth :
5-20 m

5-30 m

Level of Diving:

Slope reef

Anemone Reef (ou Hin Jom - récif submergé) est situé à 600 mètres de Shark Point. Ce pinacle très coloré (de 4 à 26 m de profondeur) est recouvert de nombreuses anémones se nourrissant  grâce aux  courants.
This dive site is more suitable for Advanced or experienced divers as the current can be quite strong.Over there you can find a lot of different kind of corals, Seahorses, a huge variety of Moray Eels, some Lionfish and Scorpionfish, Banded Sea Krait, and plenty of Glassfish covering the reef.

Some Leopard Sharks are also sometimes making an appearance in the sandy bottom.This dive site will also please all the macro lovers looking for Shrimps, Nudibranches and Tiger Cowries.
All three sites: Shark Point, Anemone Reef, King Cruiser can be visited during one Fun Dive trip

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