You can also extend your qualifications to the Training Specialist level and lead specialty courses just like instructor. It means that after special training you can carry on such specialties like perfect buoyancy, navigation, photography and others offered by SSI.

 You have two options of gaining DiveCon certificate:

  • you can pass each training separately: dive guide, science of diving and then take part in Dive Control Specialist
  • or make a combined training as one

Dive Control Specialist can:

  • do the same things like DiveMaster
  • lead OWD theoretical sessions under SSI instructor’s supervision
  • lead OWD pool sessions under SSI instructor’s supervision excluding safety exercises like gas lost, gas sharing and emergency ascent
  • assist instructor during training dives in open water
  • lead Try Scuba program at the pool
  • lead Scuba skills update
  • use ODiN system and download all documents to the level of qualification
  • take part in Training Specialist program for the possibility of leading such specialties like:
    • Altitude Diving
    • Boat Diving
    • Computer Diving
    • Digital Underwater Photography
    • Equipment Techniques
    • Navigation
    • Perfect Buoyancy
    • Nitrox Diving

The duration of the training depends on the part of the year. In Green Season (from May to September) theoretical sessions are held in our diving center and practical classes take part In Andaman See, mainly at Phi Phi area. DiveCON training starts with one week training in a group and then each student takes active part in OWD training. The duration of the training depends also from the number of OWD trainings in which DiveCon takes part. We encourage all our participants to assists in as many training as it is possible to increase their skills. What is more it doesn’t effect on the price. During Green Season the courses are usually not held so often, therefore the total time may be longer compered to the High Season (October to April) when the courses are run practically every day

Depending from the version of chosen training:

Costs for a person with  SSI DiveMaster certificate - 28000 THB

Costs for the person with different certificate than SSI DiveMaster - 32000 THB