Conditions of the reservation and realization of the services of Palm Beach Divers, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Dear Sir/Madam,

Before booking diving and other services from our offer, please read the terms and conditions of booking, payment and cancellation. We make every effort to make your holiday with us successful. Clear legal principles presented in this document are intended to define the formal and legal relations between parties. By making application to participate in our events and by making payments for our services, you agree these terms to become part of the contract for the provision of services. Services are carried out by the Thai company Palm Beach Divers based in Thailand. Booking and purchasing event from the portal hereinafter referred to as the PBD is done in a few simple steps. Purchases may be done by a person who is 18 years of age or a legal person, hereinafter referred to as the Customer.

  1. Course reservation.
    1. Courses and other diving tours are organized on a page in the main menu. When you click on the selected product, its detailed description and the price are displayed. Below the description there is a form, that must be completed in order to make a reservation. It has a drop-down list, with available dates of courses and languages in which they will be carried out; choose a convenient date or leave the field empty, typing in a convenient date and language in the “Notes/Equipment” box.
    2. In the following fields, you must enter the name of one of the participants, contact email, phone number, number of participants and, if there are more than one participant, please type their names in “Notes/Equipment” box.
    3. The form shall be approved with the button "subscribe" which also confirms review and acceptance of terms and conditions.

  1. Payment.
    1. After the approval of the form, you will see a summary of your order and payment options: "pay it", or "pay 20%". At the same time, you will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of your order and its status, link to online review and the amount to be paid.
    2. If you choose "pay it", you will be directed to an external payment gateways. After making payment you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation, payment status, and voucher to the selected course. From that point on, the service agreement is binding for both parties. The voucher shows name of the purchased course, lists of participants and the time and place of the meeting on a selected day.

  1. Realization of the agreement.
    1. Any event with the specified date on the voucher, is valid only for specified periods or days. If, for any reason, You wish to change the dates, we will try to provide similar services. It may involve additional costs of such change.
    2. If your offer does not provide otherwise, the price of the course includes diving, PADI materials, PADI certification, breakfast, lunch and beverages during diving boat trips to the extent and on the terms set out in the booking voucher.
    3. Each payment recorded by the PBD will be confirmed to the customer by supplying updated voucher. The responsibility of the customer is to check the correctness of the Exchange and reporting of any reservations. If you do not receive the updated voucher up to 7 days after the payment is made, please contact us and send the confirmation of the bank transfer or deposit. After payment, the agreement is starting to be binding for both parties.
    4. Please submit the data needed for the proper handling of Your course as soon as possible. If some information is missing, PBD will send the customer an e-mail requesting further data.

  1. Cancelation and change of the service on Customers request.
    1. Cancelation of the agreement requires written form via email at Please quote the voucher number.
    2. In the event of cancelation, PBD reserves the right to remuneration for the work done and the compensation for the actual costs incurred. We recommend the conclusion of the insurance of cancellation of participation in the event. A waiver of the contract by the customer for any reason may result in loss of the entire deposited amount, especially for accommodation booking and course materials.
    3. No-shows for an event or notification of resignation less than 24 hours before the event, may result in PBD charging the entire amount of the event. This also applies to random cases, visa problems, flight delays and force majeure, health considerations and any other not caused by the PBD.
    4. At your written request, we will try to reschedule dates or elements of the booked services. This action may involve additional costs, but sometimes it may be impossible.
    5. If you want to appoint a different person to take part in the event you booked, this is usually done at no cost as far as it is possible from dive qualifications or the language requirements perspective of the client. In such cases, please provide the person's data: first name, last name, contact number and other necessary contact information.

  1. Abandonment, failure and changes in service by the PBD.
    1. If clearly defined in the offer minimum number of participants has not been reached, PBD has the right to cancel the event and return of the deposited amount.
    2. In the case of inability to fulfill the program (e.g., serious illness or accident of the instructor), PBD will suggest an alternative solution of not lower standard or will refund the money paid in an amount corresponding to the not realized part of the program.
    3. If, as a result of force majeure, natural disaster, martial law or other factor that is independent of the PBD and makes completion of the agreement impossible, PBD reserves the right to not return the deposited amount.

  1. Warranty, complaints, the liability of PBD.
    1. If the service is not provided in accordance with the agreement, you can request changes to the provision of services, price reduction or other compensation.
    2. If the service is not provided in accordance with the agreement as a result of force majeure (for example, storm at sea) the customer has the right to demand delivery at the earliest convenience.
    3. The PBD is not responsible for damages during the course related to the customer belongings. This applies in particular to leaving unattended valuables and documents.
    4. PBD assumes no responsibility for delays of airlines or force majeure resulting in delays. For example, the late arrival of aircraft from Europe could result in missing local flight and then in missing the course start. In this case, the PBD is not responsible for the alleged fact and possible conversations and negotiations with airlines and other carriers remain Your responsibilities.
    5. For any complaints, please submit in writing not later than 30 days from the end of the event, specifying the services in question and expected forms of compensation. After this period, you can submit a claim only if the failure to meet deadlines was not caused by You.
    6. The liability of PBD is excluded or limited to the provisions in force for tour operators on the territory of Thailand and confirmed by the license of the Ministry of Tourism. License number: 34/00536.
    7. PBD is not involved in Visa, passport or flight tickets, nor does it accept responsibility for any problems associated with it.

  1. Obligations and responsibility of the participant.
    1. A participant of the event is required to comply with the recommendations, instructions, formalities related to the participation in diving course. This applies in particular to the security guidelines, to refrain from the use of drugs, proper nutrition and health during the course.
    2. A participant of the event is required to read and sign the medical questionnaire and the formal adoption of the risk and the exemption from liability of PBD and instructor conducting the course.

  1. Final Provisions.
    1. Any information posted on this website correspond to the legal state at the day of their publication.
    2. At the moment of the publication of new offers the earlier on the same sites, terms and conditions expire.
    3. The eventual invalidity of individual provisions shall not affect the validity of the entire agreement.
    4. Any disputes arising as a result of the implementation of this Agreement shall be settled amicably by the parties and, in the case of failure to reach an agreement by a Court of competent jurisdiction.

Palm Beach Divers Co Ltd
Tourism Organizer License
issued by the Office of Tourism of Thailand TAT 34/00536

These terms and conditions are valid for Events reserved on the website

Version 1.1en z 24/07/2015

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