SSI Basic Diver Course

Basic Diver

Course Duration: 1 Day

Minimum Age: 10 Years

Price: 4900 THB

You’ve just taken your first step toward becoming a diver for life! You’re on your way to exploring a magical, mysterious and captivating world that has gone untouched and unchanged for centuries or even millennia. The knowledge and skills you build now will stay with you as you jump in for your first “Ultimate Dive Experience” — as well as many more after that.

Before you dip your fins in the water, you’ll need to prepare yourself to embark on your journey toward becoming a diver for life with some important information about diving. Combined with the pool sessions that are part of your SSI Open Water Diver course, the knowledge you build studying this information will help you explore the planet’s last great frontier for the rest of your life!


  1. Explain why pressure on an object increases as it descends underwater and give examples of the effects of this increasing pressure.
  2. Explain why the air volume in a flexible container decreases as it descends underwater and give examples of the effects of this change in volume.
  3. Contrast the differences between salt and fresh water as it relates to weight and pressure.
  4. Calculate the total pressure exerted on a diver’s body at a given depth in terms of bar.
  5. List five air spaces in the body that can be affected by increasing pressure and describe its effects on these air spaces.
  6. State the procedure used to equalize pressure in the ear during descent.
  7. List the individual components of the Snorkeling System.
  8. Describe the effects of depth on light penetration and body heat loss.
  9. Describe the most effective and efficient breathing pattern for SCUBA.
  10. List the three types of buoyancy and provide examples of each type as it relates to objects immersed in a liquid.
  11. List three Basic Rules of Scuba.

To take part in the Basic Diver program you do not need to have your own equipment. We will provide all the equipment needed.

The training consists of a theoretical part, a swimming pool session and two open water dives (40-50 minutes underwater per dive).

After finishing you will get an underwater photo and a Basic Diver certificate in mobile version. During the registration, we will create your profile on and add your profile photo. You must be in good physical condition to go diving so you might need a clearance from a doctor if you have some health problems.

Palm Beach Divers organizes Basic Diver Course every day.

Please check the Calendar for the next upcoming date and book you place.

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