Diving & Snorkeling @ Koh Haa​

Depth: 3-50 m

Visibility:15-30 m

Water: 27-30 C

Safe for: Everyone

Koh Haa consists of 6 islands regrouping about 15 different dive sites. Koh Haa’s scuba diving highlights include: The Lagoon, The Cathedral and The Chimney. There are also underwater pinnacles, drop-offs, walls, caverns, inter-connected chambers and swim throughs to explore.

Leopard Shark

The marine life that can be found at Koh Haa is very rich and varies from a rare Ghost Pipefish measuring only few centimetres, to an Octopus hiding amongst the rocks and crevices. A Hawksbill Turtle is often seen swimming amongst the pristine coral.

Turtle @ Koh Haa

Octopus @ Koh Haa

Koh Haa, especially Koh Haa Yai, is the dive area close to Koh Lanta where Whale Sharks were spotted very often. There were dives during which two Wale Sharks have been met in one site. 

No guaranties, but it is worth taking a chance.

Whale Shark playing with snorkelers

Where is… Our Whale Shark?

One of Koh Haa’s highlights is the series of caverns and swim-throughs. The largest cavern has three chambers and is known as The Cathedral. The first two chambers are connected by a shallow swim through at about 9 meters.

You will find there banded sea snakes, lionfish, nudibranches, frogfish, harlequin shrimps and many many others…

Palm Beach Divers big boat is going to Koh Haa 3 times per week. 

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Trip Prices include
  • transfer from/to the resort
  • complete set of rental equipment
  • breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks on the boat
  • experienced Dive Guide or Instructor
  • free Palm Beach Divers T-Shirt (for courses or a minimum of 10 fun dives)

Day Trip  – 2 Dives

3 500 THB

Day Trip – Snorkeling

2 000 THB

Day Trip – Snorkeling Kids

1 600 THB

OPTIONAL Extra Dive During the Day

1 000 THB

Marine Park Fee Diver

600 THB

Marine Park Fee Snorkeler

400 THB

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3-Day Diving Package

9 900 THB

3 300 THB/Day

Marine Park Fee

1 800 THB

600 THB/Day

4-Day Diving Package

12 500 THB

3 125 THB/Day

Marine Park Fee

2 400 THB

600 THB/Day

5-Day Diving Package

15 000 THB

3 000 THB/Day

Marine Park Fee

3 000 THB

600 THB/Day

Packages Prices above do not include trip to Hin Muang/Hin Daeng.
Additional 1 000 THB will be charged for the trip to that destination